We take our responsibilities as neighbours very seriously and want to develop a good relationship with the local community to ensure the scheme contributes positively to the life of the city centre.

Because of this, The Quad, like our other projects, will have a dedicated staff providing full management of the building with an on-site presence 24 hours a day. This will ensure the safe and efficient running of the development for tenants, as well as an effective response system to any issues that may arise for neighbouring residents and businesses.

Alumno will be working alongside Derwent Living who are a leading accommodation management company that have extensive experience in managing student housing developments in the U.K.

Neighbourhood and Community

With a significant impact on the student experience, Derwent stand out by the quality of delivery. Derwent are members of Accreditation Network UK (ANUK) Code of Practice, which is a network of organisations that promote minimum standards in private residential student accommodation which will apply to The Quad.

Derwent will provide a team on site who will actively seek to engage with local tenants, residents associations and community organisations. The local team will be available to discuss any issues that arise with local residents as well as participating in regular meetings with local residents and groups to discuss and address any issues.

The amenity areas will be subject to a curfew at night. This will be managed by the Wardens on site.

There will be CCTV cameras covering these amenity areas as well as around the perimeter of the building to increase surveillance of students in and around the property.

Derwent have robust procedures in place to manage students during the term of their tenancy.  They operate a deposit and guarantor policy which provides further security relating to student behaviour. In cases where students don’t conform to the terms of their tenancy agreements there will be an escalation of measures including recharging costs against their deposit for repeat offender students. In exceptional cases students can be expelled or initiate criminal proceedings if appropriate.


Car Parking

No students, with the exception of students with disabilities, will be allowed to bring vehicles to the site or park locally.

Students will not be permitted to bring cars to the site under the terms of the tenancy agreement. This will include a restriction to park within the local residences as set out within a plan in their tenancy agreements. This will be monitored by the on site staff, and local residents will be able to report any concerns.

Students will be will be encouraged to use more sustainable means of transport, such as cycling, walking and buses.

On Site Staffing

It is proposed the site will be managed by a dedicated Property Manager from Monday to Friday during office hours and supported by maintenance and cleaning staff.

Outside of office hours, on-site wardens and an out-of-hours help desk will be able to deal with any emergencies relating to anti-social behaviour and security.

We will put in place a responsive security service to support wardens in any emergencies. Wardens will be able to personally attend to matters outside of business hours on a 24/7 basis.

The Student Experience

Derwent understands the importance of the whole student experience and the part that having the right accommodation plays in achieving this. Our mission is to create a secure and comfortable environment that supports student living and learning and underpins the demand for the accommodation we manage.

We know that going to university is not just about studying but about the complete experience of living away from home, making new friends and sharing with other people; and we work hard to make this move as easy as possible by the facilities we provide and the team we employ on site.

Pastoral Care

We take an interest in our students and by our approach to pastoral care (involving the University where necessary). We make sure that we look after their welfare.

Move-In Process

This will be a managed process over weekend days each academic year. To stagger arrivals, each student will be advised of a date and time to take up occupancy of their room.

During ‘move in’ days we will provide an increased management presence and in order to minimise disruption we provide a methodical approach to the appointment times that students can arrive and unload and send them a supporting information pack relating to nearby unloading positions and public transport routes.

Noise and Anti-social Behaviour

Whilst we aim to create a welcoming environment for all the students, any anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated and any residents breaching the clear and strict rules and regulations outlined within their tenancy agreement will lose their accommodation. The accommodation will be car free.

This team will be supported by off-site team relating to marketing of the scheme and where there are serious tenancy enforcement issues.


ANUK (Accreditation Network UK)

Alumno takes consideration of the management of student accommodation seriously. The proposed student accommodation will be managed to the Universities UK Code of Practice for University Managed Student Accommodation standards. The Code sets out the main elements of good management practice.

Key features include:

  • Health and Safety
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • The relationships between managers and their student tenants

It also aims to assist students in understanding both the standards and procedures which apply to their accommodation, as well as their obligations as tenants.